MFS Shearer's Ball 2019

old black & white image of a party with dancing

Where: Canberra Baptist Church, Currie Cres, Kingston


Adult: $19
Group and concessions: $17
MFS members: $14
Students: Half price
Under 18s free

People are asked to "please bring a plate" for the supper break.

About the Shearers' Ball

The Monaro Folk Society's (MFS) Shearers' Ball is a relatively formal event suitable for everyone who might like to dance. It suits complete beginners and experienced dancers. An experienced dance caller teaches every dance before the music begins so everyone can join in every dance.

It is a social occasion where people dance with friends and strangers alike ... so everyone gets to dance as much as they can.

Shearers' Balls have been around in regional Australia for a long time. Their purpose and nature varies: sometimes they are an attempt to bring higher culture to working communities, and others aim to parody more formal occasions. Traditionally, they were usually held at the end of the shearing season before itinerant shearers moved away for a well-earned break or for other work.

The old bush song, Euabalong Ball, captures the spirit of many such events.

Come and meet some new people, and maybe make some new friends.

There is more information on the MFS end-of-month dance page Also check for other MFS events.

Tom Roberts painting