MFS Shearer's Ball

Shearer's Ball at the Yarralumla Woolshed - people dancing, some dressed in period costumes
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The Monaro Folk Society is proud to present its annual Shearers’ Ball

Held in the historic Yarralumla Woolshed, this special event will feature a special performance by the Paverty Bush Band, Canberra's best-known bush band.

The event will kick off at 8pm and guests will enjoy an evening of traditional bush dancing.

In the very early days of settlement, dances from England, Ireland and Scotland were popular in Australia. Over the years, dances from other parts of Europe, including France and Germany made it to Australia. From the ballrooms of cities and towns, these dances would quickly spread to the rural areas.

Known as bush dances these events would often be held in woolsheds and shearing sheds due to their large size and hardwood floor. In fact, the lanolin from the sheep wool would make it possible for dancers to 'glide' on the floor. The bushdances were a great way to meet the locals and in some cases, they were the only way of meeting a possible partner in life.

At the Shearers’ Ball all dances will be demonstrated, so no experience is necessary and all are welcome to join in. Being held in the Yarralumla Woolshed, it offers an authentic and memorable experience for all.

Originally built in 1904 by Frederick Campbell of Yarralumla, it was later partitioned with galvanised iron to form sleeping areas for labourers on various building sites in the new city of Canberra. In 1917 local farmers asked that the shed be used again for shearing.

Since the 1970s, the building has become an important Canberra community social venue, particularly as a focus for bush dances and folk music activities.

Don't miss this very special event on 24 March 2018, 8pm – 11.30pm

It's a great way to spend a night with family and friends and experience dances from decades long gone.

Cost: Free entry for ANU Students

$24 general public, $22 for Groups and concessions, $19 for MFS members (you can join at the door), non-ANU students $12, under 18s free.

Please bring a plate of supper to share. Buy a cup for $1 and enjoy as much water, cordial, tea or coffee you like.

Yarralumla Woolshed
The Yarralumla Woolshed