About the Paverty Bush Band

The Pavs: Graham Chalker, Mary Firkins, John Taylor, Simone Dawson, Bryan Rae, Bob Buckley, Rick Kenyon
The Pavs:  Graham Chalker, Mary Firkins, John Taylor, Simone Dawson, Bob Buckley, Rick Kenyon with Bryan Rae

The Paverty Bush Band, sometime just called Paverty or the Pavs is a bush band based in Canberra.

Paverty is a renowned performer of bush music (songs, ballads, tunes, etc.) and bush dances.

The Paverty Bush Band followed on (in 2017) from the band called Franklyn B Paverty that started in 1970. You can find more detail in Wikipedia.

The current members of The Paverty Bush Band (in no particular order) are:

  • Graham Chalker - vocals/percussion/mandolin/dance calls
  • Sarah Davies - fiddle and vocals
  • Simone Dawson - vocals/flute and whistles
  • John Taylor - banjo, guitar and vocals
  • Bob Buckley - dance calls/vocals
  • Richard Kenyon - guitar and vocals
  • Bill Pitt - bass/guitar/vocals

The Pavs often include Bryan Rae (vocals/guitar/harmonica), Peter Logue (vocals/accordion/keyboards), Dave O'Neill (fiddle/mandolin/vocals and calling a Strip the Willow) and others.

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